Erbil Visit

Erbil Visit

Left to right Mr. Antony Jeiys, Mr. Burhan Zebaree, Mr. Sherzad Abbass, Mr. Unni Madhavan & Mr. Jeffry Augustus.


Catobo’s dedication to support its customers at its best was displayed when the team from Erbil International Airport visited Catobo premises in January 2022 to meet and discuss on a project for helipad lighting requirement. The project involved (4) Helipad Facility at undisclosed location fully equipped w/ FATO, TLOF, FLOOD LIGHTS, WIND DIRECTION INDICATION and Helipad Safety Equipment. Catobo technical team provided in-house training to the visiting team and in addition, ongoing site installation visits at various Helipad projects.


Due to the excellent support and friendship given by Catobo during the time of the visit, Catobo was privileged to be awarded the contract from Erbil International Airport.

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